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Step 1

Phone/WhatsApp/Email Inquiry

Using the contact form on the website,  you can send us a detailed enquiry of your needs.  Our medical team at UK Turkey health will examine your request and suggest the necessary treatment.

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Step 2

Quote Preparation

Our medical team will check your request and get in touch with the relevant specialists to arrange the correct treatment plan.

We will then prepare the quote for your treatment inclusive of your accommodation, travel and assistance.

Step 3

Welcomed by Your Personal Support team member

A UK Turkey Health team member will welcome you at the airport, help you check-in, accompany you to the clinic/hospital and do the necessary translation to guarantee a hassle-free medical trip.

Treatment & Accommodation
During your procedure a member of our team will also assist you with any travel, accommodation and medical requirements.

You will continue to relax at your hotel after your treatment and during the recovery period.

Step 4

Treatment & Accommodation

During your stay, you are followed by our medical team, who is constantly in contact with the hospital alongside your assistant, by whom you are accompanied.

You will continue to relax at your hotel after your treatment and during the convalescence period.

Step 5

The Return

Following your successful procedure reports and certification will be provided by our medical team. UK Turkey health will then organise your return home. We will organise all relevant transfers to the airport to get you home safe and happy.

With us at UK Turkey health, your information is confidential.
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