• To fully comply with the rules and procedures of the hospital, hotel and transfer company.
  • To act with the awareness that you are having your procedure done by an experienced, qualified, licensed and professional treatment team.
  • To fully give accurate information about previous illnesses, treatments and medical interventions, any medications, supplements, cigarette, alcohol and recreational substance usage details and to fully complete all related paperwork and outline all health information requested.
  • To provide feedback on the progress of the procedure regularly and going to post-operation controls where possible.
  • To respect booked appointment dates and times and notifying staff if there are any changes.
  • To respect the rights and privacy of other patients and healthcare personnel.
  • To contact a member of the hospital or UK Turkey Health team directly if you have problems or are experiencing any stress or discomfort.
  • To fully follow the aftercare instructions of the surgical team.
  • To take note to read and understand the paperwork you are signing.
  • To copy any and all signed paperwork for your records.
  • Please note that by signing the UK Turkey Health disclosure agreement that you fully understand the limited responsibility of our company to you the patient.

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