Sperm freezing and storage is the procedure whereby sperm cells are frozen to preserve them for future use. Scientists freeze the sperm using a special media then keep sperm in liquid nitrogen at minus 196C, and it can be stored for many years while maintaining a reasonable quality.


Sperm freezing and storage is an invaluable medical procedure that allows men to preserve their sperm for future use. The process involves scientists freezing and storing sperm cells in a special media, and then keeping them in liquid nitrogen at a temperature of minus 196C. This cryopreservation process keeps sperm viable for many years and ensures that a reasonable quality is maintained.

The benefits of sperm freezing and storage are far-reaching. For those who have been diagnosed with a condition or illness that may affect their fertility, freezing their sperm provides a chance to have their own biological children in the future. It can also be used by men who are unable to produce healthy sperm at the moment but wish to have children in the future. Additionally, it can provide a sense of peace of mind for those going through medical treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery that can affect their fertility.

The process of sperm freezing and storage requires a skilled team of scientists and medical professionals. It begins with a physical exam, semen analysis, and DNA testing in order to evaluate the sperm cells and determine their viability. Sperm is then frozen using a special media and stored in liquid nitrogen at minus 196C. This keeps the sperm viable for many years without a significant decrease in quality.

In summary, sperm freezing and storage provides men with the opportunity to preserve their fertility and have children in the future. The process requires a team of skilled scientists and medical professionals, and the sperm cells are frozen using a special media and stored in liquid nitrogen at minus 196C. This ensures that the sperm remains viable for many years and maintains a reasonable quality.

Sperm Freezing Step by Step Process

The sperm freeze procedure freezes sperm cells to preserve them for future use.

Step 1

The first step in the sperm freezing process is to verify that the sample belongs to the intended patient and to assess its characteristics, such as volume, sperm count, motility, and progression. The sample is then mixed with a special media for cryopreservation.

Step 2

After the sample has been prepared, it is divided into pre-labelled vials and allowed to equilibrate. The vials are then placed in a container with liquid nitrogen vapor, which gradually cools the sample to an extremely low temperature. Finally, the vials are transferred to long-term storage in liquid nitrogen.

Step 3

To ensure the viability of the sperm after freezing, a test thaw vial is thawed and analysed. If the sperm survives the thawing process, the remaining vials are considered viable and can be stored for an extended period, potentially for many years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sperm freezing?

Sperm freezing, also known as cryopreservation, is a process used to preserve sperm for future use by freezing it at extremely low temperatures. It can be used to preserve sperm for fertility treatments, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), or to preserve it for future use in the event that a man is facing fertility issues.

What are the benefits of sperm freezing?

Sperm freezing can provide many benefits, including increased fertility options, improved success rates with fertility treatments, and the ability to use sperm that is already frozen and available. Additionally, it can provide men with additional time to decide if they want to proceed with fertility treatments, as they can freeze their sperm and use it at any time in the future.

How long can sperm be frozen?

Sperm can be frozen for an indefinite amount of time, so long as it is stored properly in a cryogenic tank at extremely low temperatures. The average life expectancy of frozen sperm is 10-15 years, although there have been cases where sperm has been used successfully after being frozen for longer than that.

Is sperm freezing expensive?

The cost of sperm freezing can vary depending on the facility and the specific fertility treatment; however, typically, a single sperm freezing session is less expensive than a single IVF session. It is important to check with your fertility clinic for exact pricing and to make sure that the facility is equipped to handle sperm freezing.

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