Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection
(IMSI) Turkey

Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection (IMSI) is a method utilised in IVF treatment to scrutinise and choose sperm using a high-magnification digital imaging microscope for microinjection into the egg.


Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection (IMSI) is a cutting-edge technique utilised in the treatment of infertility through in vitro fertilization (IVF).

This innovative approach involves the use of a highly advanced digital imaging microscope, allowing embryologists to examine and meticulously select the best quality sperm for microinjection into the egg.

The IMSI technique offers enhanced precision and accuracy, resulting in improved fertilization rates and increased chances of success for couples struggling with infertility.

IMSI Step by Step Process

Step 1

An initial selection of fresh sperm is conducted by doctors.

Step 2

The selection is performed using a microscope that is 15 times more powerful than a regular microscope.

Step 3

The internal morphology of the sperm is examined, and abnormal sperm are excluded.

Step 4

Normal sperm are selected and placed into a catheter, discarding the remaining abnormal sperm.

Step 5

The selected sperm are then placed into the centre of the egg for fertilisation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is IMSI recommended?

IMSI is an advanced procedure we may use to increase the success of an IVF treatment cycle if the semen analysis suggests that sperm morphology (i.e. shape) is abnormal. If a sperm is not shaped correctly, it may struggle to fertilise the female egg. If your semen analysis results indicate that abnormal sperm shape is hindering your chances of a successful pregnancy, we may suggest IMSI to assist in selecting the best sperm for IVF, which would be those with normal-looking appearance.

It’s important to note that IMSI is not suitable for all types of sperm-related issues associated with male factor infertility. Your fertility specialist will determine if IMSI is the right approach to help with the success of your IVF treatment cycle, based on your personal semen analysis results. Typically, IMSI is recommended if you’ve had poor results with the use of ICSI alone, such as lower than expected fertilisation rates.

How does IMSI work?

IMSI involves using an extremely high-powered microscope (able to magnify structures over 6000 times!) to view a sperm’s head, midpiece, and tail in detail. This enables our scientists to identify any structural abnormalities that might prevent the sperm from fertilising an egg successfully. This knowledge then enables us to select the optimal sperm for injection via ICSI, improving the chances of successful fertilisation.

What are the success rates with IMSI?

Like ICSI, the use of IMSI can help overcome specific sperm-related issues related to male factor infertility. However, it’s crucial to remember that the success rate of IMSI also depends on other factors that may influence the chances of fertilisation, such as age and egg quality.

Do all IVF providers offer IMSI?

Performing the injection of a single sperm into an egg necessitates expertise, skill, and precision. Consequently, only a suitably experienced embryologist can conduct this operation. At UK Turkey Health, we have Senior Embryologists who perform all IMSI and ICSI procedures in our cutting-edge IVF laboratory at our fertility treatment centre in Antalya.

From £2,500
Treatment Price
  • The final price will be determined by the type of fertility treatment selected, depending also if the fertility treatment is a high or low complexity one. Other factors that will establish the final cost are the length of the treatment and the materials and medical equipment that need to be used.

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