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How does UK Turkey health guarantee the best price?

Over the years, we have built a strong relationship with our partner clinics.  Because of this relationship, we negotiate special agency prices to offer you best treatments at the best prices.

How do I book my dental / cosmetic surgery?

Start by getting in touch with us here at UK Turkey Health. Let us know what cosmetic procedure you’re interested in and we will be in touch. You’ll receive information about pricing and what to do next to start the Free Consultation process.

What is a free consultation

Your Free Consultation process starts with just a conversation. We will find out how best to help you and put you in touch with the surgeons and medical service providers who can help.

What do dental / cosmetic surgery packages include?

All dental / cosmetic surgery packages include everything you will need for your treatment in Turkey, including hotel, transfers to all your appointments and follow up care before you fly home. All necessary surgery fees and medication is included.

Who arranges the formalities that are related to my medical travel?

We work with clinics experienced in flight and accommodation booking, translation, pickup and local transportation, and local tourism options.  We collaborate with clinics to arrange your travel and ensure your travel plans go smoothly.

Do I need insurance?

You should always be fully insured for your trip. The policy you take out should cover you for any treatment you will have while in Turkey.

What happens after my cosmetics/dental surgery?

You will be advised by your medical service provider on the best way to go about your recovery.  You will also be contacted by the surgical team at the interval after treatment to check up on your recovery.


Will I get a COVID test when I arrive at the hospital?
Yes, your first blood test will include a COVID test.
What personal information is provided to the clinic?

We care about your privacy. We don’t share your full name and contact details with the clinic.

Can I cancel the planned trip and procedure?

You can cancel your trip and procedure anytime.

What is the time difference between United Kingdom and Turkey?

Winter is ahead by a 3 hours time difference and summer has a 2 hours time difference.

Do I need a special plug when I am in Turkey?

Two pin sockets are used in Turkey so adaptors may be needed.

I don’t want my pictures used for before and after media posts how do I make sure this happens?

Once a member of the team is notified none of your pictures will be used on our social media.

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Your Free Consultation process starts with just a conversation. We will find out how best to help you.

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