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The significance of oral health and hygiene cannot be overlooked, as a healthy body starts with a healthy mouth. A beautiful smile with impeccable teeth can be a powerful tool, opening doors of opportunity. Unfortunately, in the UK and Europe, dental treatments come at a premium price.

That’s where UK Dental Health comes in, offering the same high-quality dental services, including implants and crowns, at a fraction of the cost. With us, you can save up to 60% on your dental expenses and enjoy the peace of mind of a 5-year warranty, covering your trip and stay.

Say goodbye to overpriced dental treatments, choose UK Dental Health.


Dental Crown

Enhancing your smile can have a profound impact on your overall confidence and well-being. One of the most effective ways to do this is through dental crown treatment. A crown is a protective cap that covers a damaged, decayed, or misshapen tooth, restoring its normal size, shape, and function.

Our expert dentists at UK Turkey Health offer a range of crown materials to choose from, including stainless steel, metal alloys, porcelain, ceramic, composite resin, and porcelain fused to metal. They consider several factors, such as the tooth’s location and function, visible teeth, and gum tissue position, to determine the best material for you.

Our team takes great care in colour matching the crown material to your natural teeth, ensuring that your smile looks natural and seamless. Crowns can also help people who have large cavities and require root canal treatment to improve the appearance of their smile.

Say goodbye to dental issues and hello to a stunning, confident smile with UK Turkey Health’s aesthetic crown treatment. Upgrade your smile with a comprehensive smile makeover today.

Dental Veneers

Elevate your smile to new heights with dental veneers. Say goodbye to stained, chipped, or gapped teeth and hello to a confident and radiant grin. First invented in 1920 for temporary use on Hollywood film sets, dental veneers have come a long way and now offer a long-lasting solution for enhancing the appearance of your teeth.

Constructed of ultra-thin shells made of either porcelain or resin, dental veneers cover the front surface of your teeth, allowing you to change their shape, size, length, or color. They are a popular and effective treatment for rejuvenating the overall appearance of your teeth.

At UK Turkey Health, you’ll receive a high-quality and affordable dental veneer experience that will leave you grinning from ear to ear. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your smile and boost your confidence – book your appointment with us today!

Dental Implants

Say goodbye to missing teeth with our dental implant solutions! Our experienced dentists offer a unique blend of expertise and innovation to help you regain your confident smile. We utilize titanium roots to replace a single missing tooth or multiple teeth, ensuring overall balance and stability.

Our dental implants come with a customizable crown that blends seamlessly with your natural teeth, providing a strong and stable foundation for your jaw. They also serve as a secure support system for ill-fitting dentures.

Experience the difference with our dental implants, designed to last a lifetime and restore your confidence in your smile. Trust us to help you smile again!

Hollywood Smile

Achieve a Timeless Smile with the Hollywood Smile Treatment. A smile that is pearly white, straight, bright, and free of gaps is what many celebrities and models prefer, also known as the Hollywood Smile. Here at UK Turkey Health, we can bring your dream smile to life with our advanced cosmetic procedure.

Enjoy a Smile for Life: Our veneers are designed to last a lifetime, giving you a gorgeous smile that lasts. Let us help you create your ideal look.

Say Goodbye to Stains: Unlike natural teeth, Hollywood Smile veneers are resistant to staining, ensuring your smile remains as brilliant as the day it was created.

Make Your Dreams a Reality: The Hollywood Smile procedure is an amazing way to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Whether you prefer a natural look or a bold Hollywood-style smile, our team of expert designers can create the perfect veneers to match your unique style. Impress your friends with a smile that rivals your favourite celebrities!

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