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This is a surgical speciality that helps you to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing form and appearance.  Unlike reconstructive surgery, which aims to reconstruct a particular body, cosmetic surgery aims to improve its appearance.

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Cosmetic / Plastic

Rhinoplasty (Nose)

This plastic surgery procedure is carried out to correct, reshape or repair the nose.  This type of surgery is done to enhance the nose’s appearance, and it is also an effective treatment to correct the function of the nose.

Rhinoplasty has always been a general procedure.  During the surgery, the nose or nasal cartilages and the bone is modified, and the tissue is added to improve the functional capacity, visual appeal and breathing ability.

Otoplasty (Ears)

Otoplasty, also known as ear surgery, is a form of surgery where the ear is pinned back or reshaped because the patient is not pleased with the appearance.

During the surgery, the cosmetic surgeon will try to keep them symmetrical as the procedure is being carried out to correct this.


This type of technique achieved in Turkey is categorised into two: Mid Face Lifting and Full Face Lifting.

Mid Face Lifting

This technique repositions the cheek skin and the muscle vertically towards the eyes.  Mid Face Lifting is used for patients who have lost fullness in the upper cheek area because of tissue descent.

Full Face Lifting

Full Face Lifting includes everything that helps the patients get a sculpted look for the face and neck areas, such as the neck, eyes, midface and brow.

This procedure involves an incision that skirts the contour of the eyes when using the ear’s anatomy to help conceal them and minimise scarring.  A facelift can last for ten years, and after this period, the patient begins to see the signs of ageing though they will still look younger when compared to their age.  It is a fallacy that you will always come back for the surgery after you have done it the first time, but patients have the chance to repeat the procedure after a period of eight to ten years.

Breasts Implants/Reduction/Lift

Breast Implants
Breast Implants are prosthetic implants placed under the breast tissue or muscle to increase the breast size, correct congenital formal errors or reconstruct the breast after a breast cancer trauma.

The two common types of breast implant approved by the FDA are silicone gel-filled and saline-filled (saline solution).  Though they both have silicone outer shells, their sizes, shell surface textures, shell thickness and shapes are different. This type of implant can also be used in breast augmentation procedures.

Breast Reduction
This type of cosmetic surgery procedure reduces the size and weight of the breast to create a pleasing breast contour.  Our medical team uses a different surgical method, such as the one with no cutting, discomfort, minimum down time and no scarring for this type of surgery.  So depending on your existing breast anatomy, the type and tissue can be removed to give you your desired outcome.

Breast lift
Most women feel less youthful and confident when discovering that they have lost shape and volume in their breasts.  Stretching, sagging and changing shape are all signs of ageing. Some women accept this effect, but for those that want their youthful body back, breast lift with UK Turkey Health is the answer you desire.


This is an effective and prevalent surgery procedure that helps to remove stubborn and extra fat from the body.

This procedure also helps to improve the contour of the body.  The regions that patients usually want to get rid of excess fats are the buttocks, hips, abdomen, thighs, back, arms and neck.

Though this procedure is not a weight-loss treatment, it can help maintain a stable weight and provide a lighter, healthier and more active lifestyle.

The liposuction procedure helps patients who have fat in certain areas of their bodies.  This procedure helps burn off fat built in a particular part of the body.

Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction)

The condition of gynecomastia occurs due to excess development of the soft tissue—the channels in the breast area where the nerves and the vessels of the male breast extend.

In gynecomastia, the look of the breast may be asymmetrical or symmetrical.

The male breast can grow because of different hormonal reasons, genetics, and side effects of some drugs. Sometimes, the male breast can grow for no reason. Gynecomastia is, also known as enlarged or developed male breast.  It can cause a social or physical problem.

Gynecomastia surgery is a male breast reduction procedure and is usually combined with Liposuction.   Which is a popular combination used by many surgeons all over the world.  After examining the problem, the surgeon will suggest the best approach suitable for the patient.

For individuals with this issue, Gynecomastia removal is recommended.  This condition is known to cause depression and social anxiety in male patients. We at UK Turkey Health recognise this and can help you feel more confident.

Abdominal Etching / Abdominal Sculpting

Abdominal Etching is also known as six-pack surgery.  This body shaping operation guarantees an athletic, dynamic and muscular looking body.

In the modern society the male body is expressed in a sculpted structure associated with muscular arms, broad shoulders, and contoured abdominal muscles.  These components mentioned here have become inevitable elements of a healthy and aesthetic appearance.

The idea of health and beauty has developed the technique of modelling and contouring the abdominal muscles without regular exercise in the gym.

Though some people make enormous efforts, it is hard to get the desired body.  At the same time, others try to show their muscles without much effect.

The body stores a considerable amount of fat in the abdomen and waist.  Because of this, the accumulation of unwanted fat in the abdomen is a common occurrence.  Even when the abdominal muscles are easy to model, It is difficult for the result to be visible.

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